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RIP old slide-site-show, it’s been a great 4 years. “Slide-site-show” is what we referred to as our old website, it was a down n’ dirty HTML website that had a red arrow that allowed the end-user to click through our agency capabilities, services, credentials, etc. We still get compliments from people that is was very simple, to the point and tells us who you are. We knew it was not what we exactly wanted, but as many of you creatives and marketers know it’s not easy doing your own work. Seriously, we have been blessed with great clients and several projects that we haven’t had a chance to re-design our own website.

On the top of our “to-do” lists for some time now was to launch a killer SEO-friendly CMS site.

This website will allow us to:

-Showcase our newest projects.

-Put out meaningful content.

-Recruit more talent and form partnerships.

-Allow others to interact with us via social media, CRM and RSS.

-Get ranked higher among search engines.

-Score some hot women? Maybe not.

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  1. Mike Hansen says:

    The site looks great, my man! I already know your capabilities, as do your clients…so, the website doesn’t change my opinion of you. It just makes me want to go snowboarding. 🙂

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