Adhesive was approached by transportation innovator Virginia Airlink to help give birth to the brand’s start-up in the Greater Richmond area. ¬†We had to create a young, modern and approachable brand that could reach it’s very diverse target audience. The airport is located on the outskirts of Richmond, surrounded by many corporations, military families and some of the brightest college students within a 20-min radius.

We found that the brands service was efficient, clean, quick and half the price of the competitors. We have created tons of vehicle wraps, promoted products on the road but having to build brand awareness for the vehicle and the service itself we found ourselves stepping back into the box on this one.


It only makes sense that the punk rock myspace alternative would tap the anti-agency to build their brand. We built a web 2.0 platform that would reach the masses worldwide without conforming to the status quo.

Challenge: Adhesive had to reach punk rock music fans through all the traditional media without looking like it.

Idea and Results: Go underground and implement stealth guerrilla marketing tactics that date well before the Ramones.

-We launched a brand identity that fans would be proud to wear on tshirts at shows or even better tattoo on themselves.

-Create a web 2.0 social media network for music fans to discover upcoming indie/punk rock bands.

-Have a platform that allows fans to stream music, communicate with bands/fans and be in the know about upcoming shows.

Rock out to MohawkRadio’s website here.