While the building industry is being greenwashed with new products, a product named Sure-Board is holding it’s weight among Engineer’s. Sure-Board is a shear panel that is stronger and more superior than ply-wood. Adhesive was brought on to re-brand the products image and grab the attention of Engineers and Architects through brand identity and online presence.



Orange County’s Best Apartments:

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Consumers have several online websites to compare various apartments and their amenities. The Irvine Company was looking for a creative online advertising campaign to showcase their luxurious apartment community’s throughout Orange County, San Diego and Silicon Valley. Adhesive’s interactive team designed and programmed several online/mobile display advertisements that work on multiple media platforms, geo-target key target audience, while communicating the advantages of living in a Irvine Company community.

Challenge: Adhesive had to create multiple animated display and banner ads sized for multiple media outlets, while delivering a cohesive message and look for 100+ community’s driving traffic to

Idea: Create upscale banners that showcase what it would be like if you “Love Where You Live,” as a couple, single or working professional.

– We launched 16 different creative banners targeting “OC’s Best Apartment” and “Luxury Living” for communities outside Orange County.

– All ads will have a tracking code programmed to track performance and monitor analytics to lead generation forms on website.

-Have all creative perform seamlessly for (10) – ten different sizes, on (5) – different media outlets networks.



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This campaign was unique. We were not looking to acquire new leads or build brand awareness but re-target existing customers. These customers are currently Irvine Company community renters that are in the process, or are looking to purchase a home in the near future. Adhesive was asked to create a similar interactive online display campaign that educated renters about a new “Renter’s Equity Program” that the Irvine Company offered. This program allows renters to earn credit towards a new Irvine Company house or town home.  This allows renters to invest in their dream of owning a home by renting.

Challenge: Adhesive had to create a series of multiple animated display and banner sized ads for a myriad of media networks targeting local online media channels that new home buyers use when researching listing websites like Zillow, Redfin and Trulia.  We had to educate renter’s of the unique program quickly, while displaying the benefits of renting a Irvine Company apartment.  We had to turn traditional renter thinking around, that… Renting = Equity!

Idea: Create a creative lead generation campaign that educates current renters of the potential equity they could accumulate by renting/purchasing a Irvine Company home.

– Each ad included a (C2A) – call-to-action informing the renter about the potential credit amount towards the purchase of a home.

– All the artwork will display “rent today, own tomorrow” connecting the benefit of owning a Irvine Company home and the reward for years of loyalty.



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Los Olivos is Irvine Company’s largest and most innovative apartment community built to date. Perfect for those looking to live near shopping, close to work, and surrounded by the outdoor activities. The community is surrounded with top of the line amenities: pools, wine room, gyms, parks and mountain bike/hiking trails.  Adhesive was hired to create an online campaign that would introduce Orange County residents to Los Olivos, the premiere luxury development in “The Heart of Irvine.”

Challenge: Adhesive needed to introduce existing and potential renters to the largest Irvine Company development to date.

Idea: Create ads that shows the versatility of having the best of the indoor/outdoor lifestyle that comes with living at Los Olivos.

– Leverage the private outdoor lifestyle imagery of mountain biking/hiking trails that compliments the Los Olivos, olive branding.

– Highlight the exclusive amenities such as a wine tasting room and multiple high-end pools.





CAofB Bus Shelter 1


Adhesive was approached by transportation innovator Virginia Airlink to help give birth to the brand’s start-up in the Greater Richmond area.  We had to create a young, modern and approachable brand that could reach it’s very diverse target audience. The airport is located on the outskirts of Richmond, surrounded by many corporations, military families and some of the brightest college students within a 20-min radius.

We found that the brands service was efficient, clean, quick and half the price of the competitors. We have created tons of vehicle wraps, promoted products on the road but having to build brand awareness for the vehicle and the service itself we found ourselves stepping back into the box on this one.


Challenge: Create a way to showcase century old recipes, tales of slinging drinks to music’s elite and the coolness that is Dave Mau.

Idea and Results: We turned a local event into an online community for the food-beverage industry and foodies alike.

-We designed the site to showcase both DWD’s food photography and it’s rugged High Sierra style that Dave defines.

-Create a web 2.0 community for F&B industry and foodies can learn trade secrets, share content and follow by subject matter.

Check out the Dinner With Dave website here.


It only makes sense that the punk rock myspace alternative would tap the anti-agency to build their brand. We built a web 2.0 platform that would reach the masses worldwide without conforming to the status quo.

Challenge: Adhesive had to reach punk rock music fans through all the traditional media without looking like it.

Idea and Results: Go underground and implement stealth guerrilla marketing tactics that date well before the Ramones.

-We launched a brand identity that fans would be proud to wear on tshirts at shows or even better tattoo on themselves.

-Create a web 2.0 social media network for music fans to discover upcoming indie/punk rock bands.

-Have a platform that allows fans to stream music, communicate with bands/fans and be in the know about upcoming shows.

Rock out to MohawkRadio’s website here.


2010 CAofB Beauty School Catalog

5.5 x 11 Album Style

Spot UV Floral Treatment


Adhesive’s new anti-agency business cards.


Adhesive business cards and Rx note pads