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Campaign Intelligence

What Is CI?

Are you a B2B business looking for custom analytics to give you KPIs and visibility on marketing?

After years of trying to implement PowerBI, Tableau, Google Analytics reporting we decided to bring our clients a custom and user-friendly platform called CI – Campaign Intelligence.  After gather your performance data, we analysis your data sets which is then used to gauge the effectiveness of a particular marketing campaign, or marketing channel. This data also informs and refines future B2B marketing efforts.


Why You Need CI?

  1. Getting the ROI of each of your campaigns. Each campaign can be fine-tuned through the use of goals and filters, creating an efficient lead-to-sales tracking system.
  2. Understanding the buying patterns of your customers. Insights into your target audience will create opportunities to narrow your campaign focus and more effectively select which marketing channels to use.
  3. Knowing how much to invest in each of your campaigns moving forward. Just because one campaign is more successful than another doesn’t mean you abandon the less-successful campaigns. Campaign intelligence creates opportunities to better prioritize your efforts and allocate your resources.
  4. Tracking leads more easily through clicks, shares and visits. Sales campaign tracking allows you to trace lead activity and identify top-performing conversion elements.
  5. Gathering helpful data that leads to insights into individual campaigns. No two campaigns are exactly the same, requiring a customized approach. B2B campaign intelligence requires individualized performance indicators and tracking methods, allowing for more accurate evaluations of every campaign effort.


What We Do?

  1. Social Media – Success on social media is usually very determined and consists of: number of likes, followers, mentions, shares and views. We’ll go deeper into content analysis to fuel engagement.
  2. Content – Performance of online content generally comes down to the number of content items you post and how often that content is shared, followed, or commented on. We’ll formulate a content strategy to proactively supply added value before initial contact.
  3. SEO – Search engine optimization efforts can be gleaned by studying search engine rankings, keywords rankings, number of links, your website bounce rate, time spent on webpages, conversion rate and traffic sources.
  4. UI/UX – Gauging the success of your business’s user experience on your website parallels the metrics used by social media, content and SEO, namely the number of visits, time spent on each post and traffic sources. We’ll surpass those content insights and start looking more in depth on what your audiences individual needs are and personalize the experience.
  5. CRM/Email – Email metrics should include the number of subscribers to your email, your email open rate and the click-through rate and customize information that your subscribers are interested in. Imagine if you created such valuable information your lead generation subscribers look forward to your messages?
  6. SEM/PPC – Automate your reporting and end the cross-checking of multiple ad platforms to see which is working. Know what campaign, which ad group and keywords deliver. Stop chasing the automation craze. At the end of the day automation is good, but do you really want your competitor regurgitating the same copy, driving up bids on keywords and duplicating existing content?
  7. Business Development/Lead Generation – Want to look at performance for a specific product or service? Now we can cypher through your funnels and help fill holes, enhance lead generation or drill down on content that is effective.


Our Process:

ESTABLISH A BASELINE – We’ll establish baselines to determine (KPIs), deciding on the tools used to collect data, outlining ways the insights will be reported in one dashboard distributing data and aligning key stakeholders. Measurement frameworks ensure everyone has the same expectations regarding measurement and how data will be communicated.

CREATE TOTAL VISIBILITY – We’ll be designing data visualizations to meet your needs. Design thinking can be used to design dashboards that communicate data more effectively and improve the systems that display data insights to managers. Imagine having a pulse on your marketing, what worked and why.

TAKE ACTION – We want to create a loop of feedback, action and more feedback continually improves the product. Apply feedback and action results and create actionable insights that can be used to continually improve your marketing, content, strategy, keywords and UI/UX. Action research plays off design thinking.

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