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Adhesive is a B2B advertising, B2B marketing, branding, digital anti-agency located in Orange County. Specializing in healthcare, medical, technology, wine-spirits marketing.

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A little more 411 on our Anti-Agency

Why is the company called Adhesive?

From the company’s inception, in order to succeed, we needed to resonate and our ideas needed to stick – we thought all our clients work should stick… isn’t that the point? To that end, Adhesive the anti-agency was born.

What is an anti-agency?

The ad agency model is broken. It has been for a while. We do not profess to be all things to all people. In fact, we play well with others. Most of our clients have traditional PR firms or ad agencies already or created in-house agencies. Our clients bring us into the mix to cover what the others cannot. We are AOR (agency of record) for some clients, project based and partners-in-crime with others.

Being an anti-agency has its perks. We can apply our robust offerings to complex business problems and opportunities, develop brands and bring products to market. We can develop intellectual property and license it to brands or partner up to market IP on our client’s behalf. Adhesive now has combined, art + science and business acumen.

What is AdhesiveIP™?

Startups to enterprise companies are creating their own IP – intellectual property. IP ranging from software to medical equipment. Some companies cannot afford marketing initially but have potential to change everything with their new venture. Established businesses are looking to solve a business problem or create a new revenue source. We have pitched businesses with software we have developed, an app that can be used by their customers or help advise a new venture on entering a new space.

For the past decade we have built a robust talent pool and strategic partnerships to incubate and accelerate your IP from start to finish.

  • Creative and Strategic Marketing Specialists
  • Software/App Developers
  • Engineers (Electrical and Mechanical)
  • CFO/Accounting/Bookkeeping
  • Patent/Trademark Attorneys
  • Investors/Private Equity Firms

Why is Adhesive different?

Adhesive’s model is uniquely different, there is no single entity that we see as a competitor. We’re focused on collaboration than competition. We’ll work with anyone and everyone in order to generate the best solutions.

Love for B2B + -

We obsess over B2B, and the challenge to simplify not so simple products and services. While most agencies treat B2B sector in the same manner they would B2C, we have first hand experience creating, developing, launching, scaling and selling B2B products/services.

Healthcare / Medical / Medtech Marketing + -

The paradigm shift from subjective to objective has become the norm; shouldn’t your marketing? From DME to EHR Software we have been intrenched in giving healthcare brands full marketing visibility. You have so many compliance and streams of analytical data to cipher through. Adhesive has a very scalable yet digestible system to monitor, track, and implement your initiatives. We are your marketing outcome measures.

Adhesive's Competitors + -

An agency views a client’s needs through the lens of its own core capabilities and and stays away from what they are lacking.

This shouldn’t be a surprise. From the agencies’ point-of-view, the client “must” do advertising, social, or digital etc., because that is the service the agency is designed to provide and makes the largest profit.

On the other hand, while Adhesive possesses a diverse set of skills; we operate on a progressive and entrepreneurial business model; focusing on creating business solutions. We see our clients as our partners and our clients see us as an extension of their internal marketing team.

Benefits of IP + -

Bringing a new product to market and developing strong IP – Intellectual Property, needs partners. Naming, Branding, Product Positioning, Commercialization Marketing and the most important Funding can take a lot of man-hours and cash. Adhesive has invented, developed, launched, scaled and sold IP. Through the last decade we have collected several technical partners, advisors, and investors to form AdhesiveIP™.

Campaign Intelligence + -

We offer complete B2B marketing visibility.

Our Campaign Intelligence is made up of software engineers, data scientists and creatives working together under one strategy and game plan.

Now you, the Marketing Director/Business Owner/Brand Manager will have full visibility of your campaigns and knowing what is working and what is not.

We like to outthink than outspend.

Benefits of Hiring An Anti-Agency + -

We take on clients only if we can help them.

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