Our Ideas Stick™

Adhesive is a B2B advertising, B2B marketing, branding, digital anti-agency located in Orange County. Specializing in healthcare, medical, technology, wine-spirits marketing.

Just launched!


IP-Venture Development

@AdhesiveIP we’re always in startup mode  helping scale startups, developing our own ventures or investing in others.


What Is AdhesiveIP™?

We’re A Venture Development Agency For Emerging Entrepreneurial B2B Brands

AdhesiveIP™ is a venture development agency formed to discover, incubate and invest in emerging B2B products and services. Adhesive leverages its marketing agency (branding, creative, digital marketing, campaign intelligence capabilities) coupled with extensive private equity experience (operating, investment and financial experience) to identify and accelerate B2B start-ups.

Where We Focus

  • High-growth, B2B products or services (majority in tech).
  • Differentiated products or services with an authentic branding position.
  • Healthcare, medical, wine-spirits and cannabis 

What Makes Us Unique

Our portfolio has the benefit of AdhesiveIP™ as a venture development firm with an integrated marketing communications agency attached. Adhesive Agency provides a variety of services offered to help entrepreneurs create identities, brands, strategies, ideas and products to accelerate growth. In addition, you get access to decades of established brands, and strategic partnerships.



Partner in supplying marketing, branding and strategic assets in bringing a product/service to market.



Connecting emerging ventures to a broader network service providers and investors.

Banking, Merchant Services, HR, Payroll, Health Benefits, Legal, Accounting, Tax, and Investment.



Contributing to financing of small, early-stage and emerging businesses.


Sectors Of Focus

  • HEALTHCARE / MEDICAL – Clinics, Outcome Measures Tech, Wearables, EHR-EMR
  • FINTECH – Finance, Crypto and BaaS (Blockchain-As-A-Service)
  • WINE & SPIRITS – Liquid Briefs to DTC Strategies
  • CANNABIS – Seed-To-Sale Software, Compliance and Energy
  • B2B TECH – SaaS, HaaS (Hardware-As-A-Service)






Our Venture Development Process


Vision > Ideation > Prototyping > Business Modeling


  1. Define the end game, create roadmaps and milestones.
  2. Reverse engineer that vision and develop product concepts that solve those needs.
  3. Tap into internal values that embrace external forces.
  4. Narrow the commercialization potentials.



Interested Founder(s)

Please submit your investor deck (If you need help making one, we know a venture development firm that can assist you). Your deck should include 411 on your team, product, traction, and funding-to-date. Because of the high volume of applications we receive, we can’t respond to each one individually. Know, that we review each application very carefully and will be in contact if we’re a good fit. Submit your start-up here

Are you a badass motha’ coder and have something big, but not sure what to do with it? Sometimes you just need to meet the right person that can change your entire path. Submit your GitHub and let’s talk



Please make sure you have a solid value proposition? Download Free PDF here



Interested Investor(s)

We have had the honor of working with Adhesive clients looking to develop IP, angel investors/groups, private equity firms, entrepreneurs who made successful exit strategies, or retirees who want back in the game.

To learn more about early stage/seed investment opportunities click here