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Adhesive is a B2B advertising, B2B marketing, branding, digital anti-agency located in Orange County. Specializing in healthcare, medical, technology, wine-spirits marketing.

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What’s In A Name?

Brand/Corporate Naming – Brand Identity

Coming up with name is not magic. It takes time, research and plenty of strategy to create a strong list of names to house your product/service, employees, customers, investors and USPs. We narrow them down to a presentable amount of options, guide you through the decision-making process, telling you from a professional marketing, trademark and branding perspective what works best. It takes experience with language, marketing, interpersonal communication skills… and an in-depth knowledge of trademark law to execute and have it done right the first time.

We tailor each engagement to the needs of the client and often specialize in smaller or growing companies.


What is the scope of service you can expect?

> Research

> Creative briefs

> Screen domains and trademark availability

> A thorough list of names

> Advise on final implementation


How much is this going to cost me?

Fees in this middle range are generally $5,000 to $30,000; in some regions they’re lower.


There’s a reason why you are reading this, because name development and positioning is not easy. 80-100 man-hours are not atypical. Some industries require more research and trademark due diligence than others.


A few examples of what we’ve done for these companies:



Adhesive – an advertising anti-agency that creates “ideas that stick” for marketing campaigns and IP around clients needs.

Anatomical Engineering – An engineering firm that specializes in biomechanics and DME software, hardware, mobile development and “quantifying human movement.”

GaitKeeper – the authority on all things gait/motion analysis. A biotech software that has created irrefutable 3D motion analysis and reporting to become the authority on outcome measures for O&P-Orthotic and Prosthetics, Physical Therapy, and Athletic/Sports Training.

ProCarto – a geospatial mapping firm that specializing in cartography and urban land planning.

Zimzala – Kimpton Hotel Restaurant on the ocean (mediterrean cuisine meets surf chic hotel) means the surreal feeling of experiencing the ocean on first impact. Feeling the wet sand and white foam of a shorebreak spreading across your feet as you feel the ocean breeze.

InterMat – International Materials Inc. a company who has developed/engineered a series of non-combustible shear wall commercial building materials.

Shuttl’d – Booking tool software/mobile app that helps airport shuttles, taxis and limos to compete (In Beta, launching in 2017)

Gringo Agency – Ad agency that reverse markets Central/Southern American brands to expats and tourists in North America and abroad. (Acquired by Grupo Gallegos)

Mustave – A tequila flavored mustard (coming to market in 2017/18)

Virginia Airlink – Airport shuttle transportation outfit

HolePop – Aerospace company that provides EDM/Electrodes to SpaceX/Boeing/GE.

LaundryUp – A mobile app that provides laundry concierge service for business professionals, college students and apartment communities.



Our ideas stick – Adhesive

Beauty starts here – Career Academy of Beauty

Quantifying Human Movement – Anatomical Engineering

Put Your Art To Work – Career Academy of Beauty

Shear Strength, Shear Value – Sure-Board

Sabemos Americanos – Gringo Agency

Spot On, Half Off – Virginia Airlink

Take A Load Off – LaundryUp


How does it all work? (The Process)


Questionnaire, interview, and lots of research to drill down what you are looking for in a name and stands out among the rest. Competitive review of the competitor’s names and your specific target market. We’re looking for the brands positioning and keywords that associate your offerings.

Naming brief

  • What are your market, demographics, psychographics and ethnographics (how will your name sound, and what kind of reaction will it evoke)?

Name development

  • We’ll create a robust sample list of names and funnel then cross check them curating a master list of names that meet your objectives.


  • Quantify the final list and perform several searches to cross check availability on common use, domain availability, linguistics, trademarks and perform legal compliance with our team of specialists (without the big fat retainer).


  • Well present the strongest name options with an analysis and have a detailed discussion with professional advice on selecting the final name.







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