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Sure-Board®Shear Strength, Shear Value™

Adhesive was tasked to simplify a very complex commercial building product to Engineers, Architects and Builders. The shear advantage of Sure-Board® over its competition as a shear panel and sheathing solution is vastly superior. Imagine the strength of steel adhered to gypsum. No mold, 1 & 2-hour fire rating, IAPMO approvals, ICC approvals, LARR approvals and one floor of shear strength now equals four floors of shear value. In addition, it has blast and ballistic advantages to prevent forced entry and terrorist attacks.


Sure-Board® 200S – Roof and Floor Sheathing –

Everyone is awaiting the big one. Sure-Board® has become very popular after surpassing 7.2 magnitude earthquake on UC-San Diego’s Shake-Table and was wrapped in Dens Element green Engineers are referring to the 6-story CFS – Cold Form Steel structure as the “big green.” The additional branded green was attributed to savings as it saves builders/owners long-term in structural relief and reduces building waste when using for both floor and roof sheathing. Not to go all tree-hugger but it also transmits heat, reflecting sun off the roof and has sound reduction advantages when used for both floor and wall sheathing.


Sure-Board® 200B – Blast and Ballistics – “Seeing Red” was a must on the widely popular use for Department of Defense and ability to pass a 9,500 lbs of ammonium nitrate blast to replicate Oklahoma City bombing explosion. Another noteworthy claim was that the client was willing to stand behind the product literally as NATO rounds failed to penetrate.


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