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How does your customers perceive your brand?

CX – Customer Experience — The future of B2B customer experience is starting to reveal itself.

Future is now, so let’s polish up that crystal ball.



Future Customer Personas

  • Potential customers will be more informed and intelligent.
  • They will be “swipe right” happy. More options with flexible terms.
  • Potential customers will dictate the experience.

Customer Expectations? 

  • CX – Customer Experience will trump product and price as the brand differentiator.
  • Customers will expect that brands will know their individual needs and tailor their experience.
  • Customers will communicate with you on their own terms with an abundance of communication applications available.
  • Resolution will never be fast enough. The need to proactively address current and future needs will be expected.

What must change: 

  • Start good data collection habits and leverage customer information for future needs.
  • Take a long hard look in the mirror and recognize your users expectations.
  • Provide access to valuable user information, content and intelligence.



How can your brand prepare?

  • Collect and leverage your customer information to create a better experience.
  • Invest in intuitive digital communication channels.
  • Make the shift from solution provider to insight provider.
  • Learn to effectively engage users and implement a proactive content strategy.
  • Deliver a more memorable and personalized customer experience.
  • Make sure that your customer service is proactive.



Measuring CX is a challenge faced by all. Many companies have implemented the “NPS – Net Promoter Score,” which collects valuable information with one straightforward question:“Would you recommend this company to a friend or relative?”  


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